Experiment in Typography, 2018

  • Experiment in Typography is a series of type studies that begins to look at typographical composition as something other than letterforms. I rediscovered typography through the process of developing my own typographic analogies, word interpretations, and conundrum interpretations.

  • Typographic Analogies look at letterforms and see something more than what it actually is. For example, the number two “2” can become a swan, a letter “U” can be a penguin when flopped upside down, a combination of the letters “Q” and “C” can be an elephant.

  • With Word Interpretations, one can express the meaning of a word or an idea through the spacing, sizing, and placement of letters on the page. In the image above, "full" and "empty" work together to convey their definitions.

  • A Conundrum is a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun. It is a puzzle that sometimes including a play on words.

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