Brand Translation: Netflix, 2018

  • To create a thorough brand translation of Netflix, I had to fully understand the personality and concept of the brand. Therefore, I spent a good amount of time on simply studying the brand itself through not only their websites but also articles written from the perspective of “the others.” 

  • With the gathered materials, I created multiple studies attempting to portray the qualities Netflix contains. Taking a very abstract approach, I developed a symbolic representation of the brand with sequential change. The process of designing the accordion book was pure experimentation of vectors, pixels, and both combined together.

  • Because the brand I have chosen did not have a physical product that would represent them, I had to take an abstract approach to their qualities. It was a challenge for me to create my own designs from scratch, not being inspired by physical objects, and to develop an aesthetically pleasing graphic from them.

  • Making multiple variations and pushing myself to experiment more with the Adobe software eventually led me to a “happy mistake” which ended up becoming the foundation to my final design. With minor adjustments and refinements, I created my brand translation of Netflix.  

  • Thanks for viewing!