Chanelle Hicks Competative Scholarship Spring 2019

  • Hallucination 
    Fox Gallery 2nd Floor Installation. Hand dyed felt knot, Charcoal and Oil Bar Drawings on Archival Paper, Acrylic Painted Wall

    An in depth exploration of time, memory and hallucinations through repetition, texture and medium.
  • Architectural Seed
    3 Corner wood joint; poplar, Natural found felled branches, Jute cord, Metal feet
    Conceptual Project for intro to wood
  • Illusion of Perfection
    Poplar and Jute joinery
    Exploration of a childhood memory through wood

  • Untitled
    Figure Sculpture unfired clay
    Portrait Study
  • Untitled
    Figure Sculpture unfired clay
    Male Portrait Study
  • 1. Group Painting Robot- An experiment to see if painting and sculpture could be melded and if painting could be group work. 
    Poplar button switch housings, Arcade switches, Hacked remote control car, Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Sheeting, Archival Paper
    2. Robie the Robot- A little robot with big (world dominating) plans, lives in the basement of a mad scientist, stolen from Global Enterprising Solutions.
    Cardboard, Paper Mache, Acrylic Paint, Voice box, 12v halogen light/battery/switch.
    3. Magnetic Zen Garden- An electronic zen garden for those too anxious to rake sand.
    Poplar, Iron filings, Magnets, 12V motor/battery/switches, Found Steel.