SpinArt Generator

  • The SpinArt Generator is a virtual drawing program created with P5.JS. With programming and Javascript libraries at our disposal, limits of design can be pushed by incorporating the medium of code into the discipline. My goal for this project was to create a drawing program that could not be replicated with tools from Photoshop or Illustrator. I took inspiration from spin art, an art form that features a spinning canvas to create spontaneous and expressive artwork. The defining feature of my program is the code that makes the canvas spin, evident when the used begins to make marks in the drawing area with their mouse. 

    The program I created is a fully functional drawing program where the user can tweak the settings in the sidebar to create different images . There are 5 customizable controls: color, transparency, canvas rotation speed, stroke weight, and shape. The results are drawings that can range from messy and colorful to elegant and composed. Below is a demo video and a few of my favorite drawings: 

  • Media Languages Workshop
    Design by Valerie Lam