"39:27" Senior Thesis Project Infographic

  • 39:27 
    the name of the project was driven from the # of books in the Old Testament & New Testament of the Bible.
    This is an inforgraphic that visualizes my Senior Thesis Project (39:27) concept as a whole. Its purpose was for me to explore my theme in a broad sense, research and collect data, and most importantly, summarize the meaning behind the whole project. 
    The poster reflects the core resource - Scripture - and the theme words I came up with related to the bible. The infographic records where the words are mentioned in what books of the bible as well as how many times. I intended to gage the significance of the themes, and also decide which ones make more sense to illustrate/represent through design. The infographic also includes some references from the bible and explanation on what the words symbolize. 
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