Rad Business Cards

  • Screen printed on the back, letterpressed handset type on the front, I made┬áthis small run of business cards from 4 sheets of Canford┬ácardstock. Each card says one of 4 phrases, "Hey there," "Rad," "Word," or "Aw Yeah." Type is completely hand set lead in 36 pt Lillith and 12 pt Gill Sans.
  • I've been carrying them around in a bundle tied simply with a piece of red twine.
  • Here it's easier to see the slight impression. With lead type one does not want to crush the lead, as it's a soft metal and too much pressure can destroy the type.
  • The yellow greenish color is mostly gold ink with a little bit of peacock blue to make it slightly more acidic looking.
  • For 12 dollars you can purchase a Martha Stewart corner rounder. I've used it before on postcards, other business cards, and anything I generally think would look so much better with a round corner. It takes a little time and practice to get it down, but in the end you get the modern round card look for a lot cheaper price.