MICA Competitive Scholarship 2018-2019

  • FOODCOURT Newsletter • Print and web, 2018
    FOODCOURT is a fictional newsletter delivering the latest news on restaurants and food-related events in the Washington metropolitan area (also referred to as the DMV). 
  • Baltimore Art Rising • Poster and publication, 2018
    The Baltimore Art Rising project is a collaboration between spoken-word poets and graphic design students. Each individual student was tasked with creating an expressive typographic poster for one poem of their choice. The Baltimore Art Rising 2018 Edition exhibits all students' work with their respective poem and poet. The poem I chose was titled "Pretty Little Bird," and the poster I created explores manipulating text from the poem and using it as a visual element to convey a sense of disarray and entrapment. 
  • Daily Mail Editorial • Publication, 2018
    Daily Mail is a British tabloid newspaper reporting sensationalized news of breaking news, celebrities, and viral content. The context in which tabloids are presented and viewed is strikingly different from a design and arts focused publication, such as Kinfolk or i-D. As a result, there are preconceived expectations of how tabloid news is written: blunt and clickbait-y as opposed to the rhythm and balance seen in designed spreads. This project is an experiment juxtaposing sensationalized tabloid content with elegant and refined design to provoke a sense of dichotomy in the viewer.
  • Digital Design • Web, 2018
    Digital Design is a fictitious design festival focusing on the rise of digital design and programming as technology continues to integrate itself into every day life. HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript was used to enhance the user experience of the site. Live site can be viewed here.
  • Spin Art Drawing Program • Web, 2018
    The SpinArt Generator is a virtual drawing program created with P5.JS. With programming and Javascript libraries at our disposal, limits of design can be pushed by incorporating the medium of code into the discipline. My goal for this project was to create a drawing program that could not be replicated with tools from Photoshop or Illustrator. The program mimics the spinning canvas from spin art, a form of art used by children and fine artists alike to create spontaneous and expressive artworks. There are 5 customizable controls: color, transparency, canvas rotation speed, stroke weight, and shape. The results are drawings that can range from messy and colorful to elegant and composed.