Book & Spread Design

  • Young, Hangry & Broke
    Book Cover + Spread Design

    The objective of this project was to choose an Instagram poet and typeset their short poems into a series of spreads, as well as design a book cover that would capture their personality and social media identity. I chose to experiment with a mixture of digital and analog type. The illustrations and main title design is all hand drawn and colorized in photoshop. It was my first time experimenting with a Wacom tablet! I choose the poet Samantha Jayne (Instagram's Quarter Life Poetry). I was drawn to her because of her humorous writing style and her own whimsical illustrations. I tried to capture the essence of her humorous and quirky poems into a fun and illustrative design. I experimented with color, hand drawn texture, and various font weights. 
  • (left) front cover (right) back cover
  • Hand drawn illustrative type for cover design
    (left) pencil sketch   (right) colorized in Photoshop
  • Hand drawn abstract illustration of food and fun!
    (left) pencil sketch  (right) colorized in Photoshop
  • close up of front
  • close up of back
  • sample spreads of poems
  • Thank you!