Ryan Hahn Motion Portfolio 2019

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  • RYAN HAHN Motion Graphic/Animation Portfolio 2019
    Hi! My work is often guided by an illustrative urge to paint a visual image of fantastic and speculative worlds, but through the lens of design. I take a critical approach to my work, often scrutinizing phenomenas in culture, society, technology, and our progress as human beings as a whole.   
    I enjoy detailed, evolutionary and transformative processes and concepts, and try to embody that into my animations. 
    As an illustrator I look for possibilities of incorporating animation into illustration. 

    If you enjoyed my work, please contact me here!
    email : rhahn01@mica.edu​​​​​​​
    A Devonian visualization of human progress. 
    Illustrator; 2017.
    This piece began as an entree for the 2017 International Lisbon Festival of Sardines Contest, where sardines are celebrated as a cultural delicacy. 
    The only restriction is to fill a provided sardine shaped template. 
  • The final designs explore 3 distinct time periods of human technology and its relationship with humans. 
    Mainly I wanted to illustrate our codependent relationship with our tools. 
  • the Geared Sardine
  • the Motorized Sardine Locomotive
  • the uSardine
  • I took the animated sardines and created a short video as an extension of the 
    concepts of the original illustrations. 
  • I was inspired by a biological illustration of the organic and skeletal structures of a sardine. Because I enjoy illustrating mechanical parts and technologic designs, I began by interpreting the skeletal structure in a robotic style. I then vectorized it in Illustrator, and took it into After Effects to animate each part. ​​​​​​​
    Illustrator and After Effects
    Chronologically examining technology through a diptych fluid chart. I used familiarity of known technology and inventions to contextualize speculative evolutions of the tech in an attempt 
    to bridge fiction and real.

    Chart I. demonstrates the progress of past - present innovations. 
    Chart II. demonstrates the progress of present - future of the same innovations.  
  • I began by selecting 4 domains of technology that were essential developments to both Neolithic and modern humans. 
    I then created a timeline of a possible route of progression that the tech can take, and animated them accordingly. 

    Masta is a song by the DJ and producer duo, Moksi. The song follows a “bass house” 4/4 beat and 160 bpm structure. This makes the song very face paced and precision based, and a challenging track to visualize. 

    The goal is to visualize the sound elements and instrumental components, and thus capture the song’s mood, energy, and atmosphere. The goal is to visualize the sound elements and instrumental components, and thus capture the song’s mood, energy, and atmosphere. I also heavily included imagery and symbolism from human history and evolution, from the first cell division, to religion, to sciences, etc. 

    This approach to motion graphics was inspired by visual effects often used by DJs and producers to compliment their performances. 

  • The GO!GO! Instagram Sticker Set
    Illustrator and Photoshop; 2018.
    The GO!GO! Sticker set is an Instagram story sticker set proposal using an original robot character. The GoGo is enthusiastic, optimistic, and positive, but with a proper and formal twist, using words like "Critical!" as opposed to "Cool!", or "Salutations!" as opposed to "Hello!". This will appeal to be used by a wide range of audiences, from those who are remarkably enthusiastic, to those who are more cynical and sarcastic.
  • The GoGo is an animated character based on a robotic soldier unit in an original, speculative, fictional world.
    It is designed to bare a smiling face and an upbeat personality at all times, even while engaged in combat. ​​​​​​​
    Illustrator + After Effects, 2019. 
    Mockup of the User Interface for a hypothetical precision-based tactical simulation shooter titled "Happy Company", where the player gets to play and engage an arsenal of mechanical soldiers. 

    Animated mockup and demonstration of UI movement and behavior made using After Effects
  • HUD Assets

  • Thank you for your time. 
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