MICA Competitive Scholarship 2019

  • Tyler Brunner 
    Competitive Scholarship 2019
  • Loch Raven Interface
    Enamel-coated wood, MDF, enamel-coated PLA, rocks, casted resin, casted resin-bonded sodium silicate from CNC milled mold, DC fountain pump with customized PLA parts 
  • Call of the Void for 2018
    wood, latex, printed PLA with enamel glaze, glass, inlaid semi-precious stone, DC motor and fan system, AC smoke machine with PVC tubing
  • 1. Interface Housing
    CNC milled high-density foam, sand, casted resin

    2. Interface for Summoning Flies
    Enamel-coated PLA, enamel-coated masonite, wood, DC motor system

    3. Main Pendant
    Genetically modified E-Coli bacteria expressing red fluorescent protein, casted agar with LB medium and Ampicillin, casted Silicone, PLA

    4. Fly Life Cycle Pendant 
    Egg, pupa, male and female flies in casted resin

    5. Termite/Ant Pendant
    Ants and termite in casted resin
  • Generational Suicide Table (for Mosquitos) II 
    plywood, resin bonded sand dyed with sulfur powder and vinyl, enamel coated plaster