Competitive Scholarship 2019

  • In the Company of Friends (2018)
    Oil, acrylic, marker, charcoal, graphite, chalk pastel, and fabric on canvas. 30x19".
  • Forthcoming Reduction (2017)
    Oil and graphite on paper. 17x10".
  • Corpse Flower and Pig Jaw (2018)
    Chalk pastel, charcoal, and ink on paper. 40x33".
  • Laocoön in Glass (after El Greco) (2018)
    Oil on canvas. 36x48".
  • Forthcoming Ruthlessness (2018)
    Oil on paper. 17x11".
  • Glassflower (Titan Arum) (2018)
    Chalk pastel, charcoal, and ink on paper. 30x22".
  • Glassdragger (Galveston) (2018)
    Oil on canvas. 27x22".
  • Glassclasper (Halle) (2018)
    Chalk pastel, ink, and charcoal on paper. 36x25" (with irregular borders).
  • Multidirectional Glass (Unimpressed by U) (2018)
    Oil and graphite on paper. 9x13".
  • Privacy Policy ↓ (2018)
    Acrylic and plastic on 100% cotton tee. 19x22" frame; complete measurement variable on chosen hanging orientation.
    In the ongoing Privacy Policy series, there is no assigned hanging orientation, so the owner may choose their own. Pictured are two possibilities.