MICA 2019 Competitive Scholarship

  • Grace Ritchie

  • They're Too Slow
    Fall 2018 

  • Total Downer Show Poster
    digital media
    Summer 2018

  • Star Wizard print and doll
    cloth, sculpey, wire, poly-fil, paint pen, gouache and risograph print
    Fall 2018 

  • Mica Halloween Party Poster
    ink, marker, paint pen and digital media
    Fall 2018

  • Excerpts from book Splits
    gouache, paint pen, paper and thread
    Fall 2018

  • Baby Boy gif
    marker and ink
    Fall 2017

  • Rest Stop
    5'x5', gouache on watercolor paper
    Spring 2018

  • Excerpts from book It's Friday the 13th
    colored pencil, paper and thread
    Fall 2018

  • Capture
    digital media
    winter 2019