Spiritual First Aid Kits

  • Spiritual First Aid Kits, 2018 - Ongoing

    Birthed from the concept that as individuals we each have access to self love at all times. Taking pause in any given moment to claim space and care for self. The method, mode, and process is self prescribed. A call to action to build practice, gather items, write a self prescription. Shift towards wholeness, using feelings as navigation. Having personal tools, on hand, at all times.

    JANUARY 16 THROUGH FEBRUARY 9 | Intention/Resolution | Cardinal Gallery 

    Intention/Resolution examines the disconnect between our thoughts about ourselves and our own habits and abilities.

    The exhibition is timed to open during January, when many look to new ways of living their lives and create resolutions, which often are not truly their own, but rather based on idealized representations of others that in turn influence a person’s behavior. The term resolution connotes closure, finality, and measures of success that are starkly defined. Intentions on the other hand eschew final outcomes in favor of consistent mindfulness. Intentions force us to think about long-term mindsets rather than short-lived achievements.

    With that in mind, the exhibition Intention/Resolution asks several questions: How can artists steer their practice toward intentional mindfulness? How can artists use their work to turn an honest, self-reflexive lens on the business of making art? And how do we ultimately value our efforts as artists?

    Featuring work and programming by: Khadija Adell/Nicoletta de la Brown/Brian Goeltzenleuchter/Kelly Laughlin/Jerry Moseley/Yuli Sung.