Unlimited Works - Christian Warner

    Thunderbolt Fantasy

    Christian Warner 
    Artist Statement
    I am the core of my creation.
    An image in my mind, take form through
    my body.

    Why I take up the sword, why I fight, is to 
    spread this strength to those who struggle 
    to survive. 

    All my life is 
    Unlimited Works
  • Untitled.mp3
    A piece combining the greatest amount of mediums I've ever worked with at once. Digital Image transfer to multiple layers of Acrylic, Oil, and compound all on wood. A monochromatic work showing experimentation and technical approach to a piece like this. A visual interpretation of the song 'Untitled' by Dance Gavin Dance
  • Phoenix: Genesis (Physical Copy cover) 
    The cover to a book I wrote, illustrated, and published in 2015. The beginning of my oldest and most special story, with many more installments and adaptions to come. This story and others begin here with my education at MICA. The resources and people are all necessary tools to reach my vision of being able to tell stories to millions around the world, and touch the lives of people I'll never even meet. Phoenix: Genesis can be found for Physical Purchase at Lulu.com and as an E-book on all major E-book platforms.
  • Gashadokuro 
    Piece focused on Perspective practice and development of an environment
  • WORLD$TAR MONEY - Character Piece 
    Sarah Sinclair, Another Character from a story I'm developing. This story, planned to be a comic, is one focusing on diversity in characters. Sarah is a Bi Scottish-American living along side a Swahili African-American, his uncle, a Korean-American, and a Japanese protagonist. I hope to learn more about the professional world of illustration and comic publication here at MICA to push my stories further with the tools provided here at the school as well.

    Photograph piece to show diversity and focus on development of composition
  • Called Into the Ministry - Album Cover Commission (2016)
    Jazz artist Zacchae'us Paul's cover for the single 'Called Into the Ministry' by me (Unreleased). 
  • Lucid Dreams
    Subtractive Charcoal portrait piece focused on using negative space for smooth developed values in the composition
  • Self Portrait - Traditional Process (2018)
    Showing Diversity in method and understanding of form/structure
  • Character and Brush Study (2018)
    Color Palette, Expression, and Brush type are all being experimented and practiced with here, as they are all important in the portrayal of story elements and character design.