Ryan Hahn Collaborative Work Portfolio 2019

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  • RYAN HAHN Collaborative Portfolio 2019
    Hi! I enjoy the evolutionary aspect of collaborative works and processes, and witnessing the accumulative growth of art through the contributions of each collaborator. 
    As a problem-solving-oriented person, I see collaborative work as a challenge and opportunity to achieve something I cannot on my own and expand my own understandings and ability to create. Our Western society often deifies individualism while downgrading cooperative effort, but I feel collaboration opens up the possibility of chance in an otherwise strictly controlled and self-directed nature of usual practices. 

    If you enjoyed my work, please contact me here!
    email : rhahn01@mica.edu​​​​​​​
  • KUBOS 
    Kubos is a shareable and social Virtual Reality space designed for mock ups, drafting, and visualization.
    Kubos is a venture founded by Peter Tak and myself in collaboration with engineer Manu Peethambar.

    Kubos attempts to solve three problems: 
    1. As visual animals, we humans must see in order to believe. Imagination can only take us so far before we must make it tangible to fully express and communicate what we are thinking.
    2. As social animals, we often need feedback and responses from each other to maximize our creative potential.
    3. Reality. As creative spaces, materials, and equipment are often very costly ideation alone often leads to wasted resources, materials, money, and time.

    In other words, we currently lack a tool and space where we can freely realize, visualize, experience, and share our ideas before committing them to real life.
  • Kubos's solution is three-fold. 
    - Virtual Possibilities:
    People can freely create, realize, and draft their ideas in any form, in a limitless virtual setting without the financial,      technical, and creative limitations of reality.
    - A Collaborative Community:
    People can share, exhibit, and open up their creations to the public or private users for feedback, input, and critique.
    - Creative Patronage:
    People can sell environments, objects, and models that they created, and gain supporters for their work.
  • Brand Pitch Deck
  • Company information brochure 
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  • Promotional posters
  • 3D Demo of in-app experience ​​​​​​​
  • UP/Start Pitch Event
    As a part of MICA's Design League, where we collaboratively explore forms of graphic design, we experimented with the randomness and unpredictability of collaboration and the Risograph. ​​​​​​​
  • We first created various templates of arbitrary vector marks and printed them out. 
    As the Risograph is essentially a mass screen printing machine built with a scanner, we printed, then randomly scanned another template, then printed it over the already printed ones, and continued this process. ​​​​​​​
  • Arbitrary variables like ink placement, the amount of ink dispensed, the amount of ink absorbed by the paper, and paper movement within the mass printing process created new or unexpected results each print.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    "Attacca", meaning to continue playing ceaselessly, is a Group of artists, from their respective schools 
    (Maryland Institute College of Art and Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute), want to bring together their skills 
    and talents to create visual and auditory experiences.

    The goal of Attacca is to combine different art forms, beginning with music and motion graphic design, to create cohesive products that serve as a hybrid of the arts.
    MICA's various visual artists and Peabody's Apollo Quartet musicians came together because musicians rarely get to interact with other artists, and vice versa. We believe that this is a unique and rich opportunity to not only expand our knowledge of the different arts, but to bring innovation to music in a new and exciting fashion! ​​​​​​​
  • Moving Intro Poster by Peter Tak, Janet Shim, and myself. 
    We wanted to signify the idea that we are disrupting MICA with motion and sounds. 
  • Logo Process

  • Inspiration and process event promotion.

  • Introduction motion graphic for musician quartet.
  • Visual experimentation
  • "Remember Me" Visual Translation
    Collaborative Visual and Auditory ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).
    Made using Photoshop + Illustrator + After Effects + Maya. Final Score by Apollo Quartet using various Orchestral Instruments
  • Final Still
  • Ideation and Process Sketches
  • Environment Render by Lucy He using Photoshop
  • Asset Render by me using Illustrator
  • Color, Detail, and FX Render
  • 3D VFX Render by Peter Tak using Maya.
  • Thank you for your time!
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