MICA Competitive Scholarship 2019

  • I Can't Keep Quiet | 2018
  • The Perpetual Foreigner | Print publication | 2018

    The Perpetual Foreigner is publication that highlights three Asian American photographers; Tommy Kha, AnRong Xu & Mary Kang + Kanghee Kim, whose work discusses the Asian American experience - cultural identity, displacement and the American Dream.

  • If I Told You | 2017
    Plate lithography 
  • Made in China | Branding & Identity System | 2018

    When people hear the words “Made In China,” stereotypical images of cheaply manufactured, low-quality goods often come to mind. Every day in China, private factories and government work to manufacture billions of items, but at what cost? At the museum of labels, we are forward thinking and innovative. We want to change the way people view consumerism in China. 

    "Made in China" is a exhibit exposes the impact of consumerism in China and how it impacts society at large. The final deliverables  include a series of interactive print posters and a exhibition booklet featuring the work of Chinese artists; Biying Shi, Cao Fei and Xu Zhen. This interactive exhibition challenges the way we think about labels by having the viewer approach the posters and label them.
  • MVA Forms | Print & Logo Design | 2018
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration logo and form re-design.

  • China's Lost Children | Documentary film w/ sub captions  | 2018

    China's Lost Children is a found footage documentary making a commentary on China's One Child Policy and the effects it has on its younger generation.

    China's One Child Policy was implemented by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979 to help regulate China’s growing population. From widespread food shortages to overcrowded cities, China implemented a policy that eventually would cause great distress to its citizens. The government enforced the policy through the use harsh punishments particularly aimed towards women. The one-child policy ends in 2016, allowing all couples to have two children.