MICA Competitive Scholarship 2019

  • Jackie Moreno
    Design Portfolio
  • Color Story: RED
    Brand Identity based on a fake exhibition at the BMA that celebrates the primary color red in sculpture. It is mostly comprised of minimalist sculpture that showcases geometric shapes that lack decorative flourishes. Highlights include Donald Judd's red anodized Untitled aluminum work (1980) and Peter Alexander's Urethane Red Box (2017). Minimalists emphasized cool obscurity over the zealous expression of the previous generation of Abstract Expressionist painters.
  • Fragment of a First Home
    Wood study inspired by childhood memories of my first home.
    An infographic using census data comparing different Miami's throughout the United States. 
  • Immigration Animation
    Research based animation made in after effects. 
  • Drake Concert Souvenir
    Sound sensitive light box souvenir for 2018 Drake concert. Custom milled circuit, laser cut acrylic box and lyric book.