MICA 2019 Competitive Scholarship-Sumin Lee

  • Into the Cave 2018
    Digital Illustration 
  • Radiation 2018
    Digital Illustration
  • Zoo 2018
    Mixed Media Book
    Commentary on Zoo
  • Small but Definite Happiness 2018
    Water Color Book Illustrations/Book Binding
  • TIME 2018
    Mixed Media 3D Book Illustration(total 140 pages)

    The book “Move Along the Time” narrates a story about the world where people move along with the hands of the clock . This book emphasizes the shortcomings of the “future” oriented lifestyle by juxtaposing the babies who are raised and taught to move forward and a boy who enjoys the present moment rather than being concerned about the clock hands that are chasing him.

    The book is intended to make the reader value their present moment.

    Materials: Cardboard, yarns, acrylic, wires, fabrics, popsicle sticks, etc.

  • Elevator 2018
    Wax Paper
  • Way Back Home 2018
    Mixed Media 3D Paintings/Installation

    Series of three-dimensional paintings illustrating scenes of the urban cityscape and natural environments. Demonstration of the irony that humans are more familiarized with cityscapes than natural environments.