Image Harvest

  • This project started off with all of us reimagining and reinventing our previous works. Getting detached from those pieces was a little hard in the beginning, but once I was out of that confined zone, the new ideas got very weird but still made sense to me. 
    I had never recreated anything before this and going so off tangent was a really good exercise and made me want to explore different mediums. 

    The final pieces came from my love of music and animation, but the hard part was to reimagine the animations as static 2D pieces and still get the feeling and fluidity through. 

    Music makes me float, dream, melt and most importantly, it makes me move. It’s probably the most powerful way of communicating. Everyone understands, everyone listens and everyone reacts. It can make me feel things that nothing else can. This is my representation of the way my senses react to different music. Some make my fingers tingle, others make me feel like floating in a huge cloud under the starry sky. It melts away my worries and some just make me wanna move like nobody is watching. I go into my own magical world with my music. It lets me live my fantasies, it lifts me up when I’m down and most importantly keeps me company when I’m alone. Here’s a peek into it.

    Music credits: Cherry Pie Jam - Hollow Clouds; Gold - Dream Koala;
    Whateva U Want - Kaytranada