Ryan Hahn UI Portfolio 2019

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  • RYAN HAHN User Interface Portfolio 2019
    Hi! My work is often guided by an illustrative urge to paint a visual image of fantastic and speculative worlds, but through the lens of design. I take a critical approach to my work, often scrutinizing phenomenas in culture, society, technology, and our progress as human beings as a whole.   
    I like to visual a bright, vibrant, and fun future. 

    If you enjoyed my work, please contact me here!
    email : rhahn01@mica.edu​​​​​​​
    Illustrator + After Effects, 2019. 
    Mockup of the User Interface for a hypothetical precision-based tactical simulation shooter titled "Happy Company", where the player gets to play and engage an arsenal of mechanical soldiers. 

    Animated mockup and demonstration of UI movement and behavior made using After Effects
  • HUD Assets
    Illustrator and After Effects
    Animated icons illustrating the speculative development of various domains of technology.
  • I began by selecting 4 domains of technology that were essential developments to both Neolithic and modern humans. 
    I then created a timeline of a possible route of progression that the tech can take, and animated them accordingly. ​​​​​​​
  • Process
  • HEPHAESTUS HAND Brand Logo and Website
    Illustrator +  InDesign; 2018. 
    This identity deck was made as a part of the Quarter Zero (Q0) Incubator Program with verynice.
    It is a unique opportunity to work with young high school student entrepreneurs who have inspiring, socially conscious start-up ideas. Volunteer designers helped get them ready to pitch their ideas to investors by creating a logo and presentation deck template for their venture. 

    Hephaestus is the Greek god of fire, forges, sculpture, and metal work who often constructed tools for other gods and people in need. Like the god, Hephaestus Hand seeks to provide lowest-cost, battery powered, and 3D printed prosthetic hands for below the elbow and above the wrist amputees across the world.

    Illustrator + Photoshop; 2018.
    Advrtas is an immersive and interactive 360 advertisement company in Santa Clarita, California.  
    Advrtas combines 360 videos and interactive coded elements to create ads that are engaging and playful. 

  • Website and Presentation Icons
  • Web Interface and Designs
  • The GO!GO! Instagram Sticker Set
    Illustrator + Photoshop; 2018.
    The GO!GO! Sticker set is an Instagram story sticker set proposal using an original robot character. The GoGo is enthusiastic, optimistic, and positive, but with a proper and formal twist, using technical terms like "Critical!" as opposed to "Cool!", or "Salutations!" as opposed to "Hello!". This will appeal to be used by a wide range of audiences, from those who are remarkably enthusiastic, to those who are more cynical and sarcastic.​​​​​​​
  • The GoGo is an animated iteration of character based on a robotic soldier unit in an original, speculative, fictional world.
    It is designed to bare a smiling face and an upbeat personality at all times, even while engaged in combat. ​​​​​​​
  • Thank you for your time. 
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