Kubos is a shareable and social Virtual Reality space designed for mock ups, drafting, and visualization.
    Kubos is a digital application/service venture founded by Peter Tak and myself in collaboration with engineer Manu Peethambar.

    Kubos attempts to solve three problems: 
    1. As visual animals, we humans must see in order to believe. Imagination can only take us so far before we must make it tangible to fully express and communicate what we are thinking.
    2. As social animals, we often need feedback and responses from each other to maximize our creative potential.
    3. Reality. As creative spaces, materials, and equipment are often very costly ideation alone often leads to wasted resources, materials, money, and time.

    In other words, we currently lack a tool and space where we can freely realize, visualize, experience, and share our ideas before committing them to real life.
  • Kubos's solution is three-fold. 
    - Virtual Possibilities:
    People can freely create, realize, and draft their ideas in any form, in a limitless virtual setting without the financial,      technical, and creative limitations of reality.
    - A Collaborative Community:
    People can share, exhibit, and open up their creations to the public or private users for feedback, input, and critique.
    - Creative Patronage:
    People can sell environments, objects, and models that they created, and gain supporters for their work.
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