Emojis + App Design

    Emoji + App design for kids
  • I was extremely lucky in being able to have the guidance of Colin Ford (Hoefler & Co.) in designing a 21 character set of emoji for a children's app. I learned how to visualize communication in an expressive way for a company's identity through consistent visual style, color palette, and mood. I chose to work with “Neighbor,” a pen-pal app for grade schoolers between the ages of 5 - 10 years old.  The brief's keywords “cute,” “bright” and “fun” led me through the exploration of organic shapes, round features, and dimension. The overall concept was inspired by the idea of branding emojis to be translatable from screen to kid toys. 

  • I began my exploration with sketches 
    and experimenting with form

  • I spent a significant amount of time drawing and re-drawing shapes in Illustrator.
    Finding that perfect shape for the emoji was half the work!

  • first iteration and color exploration

  • Example of pizza progression

  • Closeup of final Emoji

  • Can NEIGHBOR compete with other companies? 

  • Mobile profile + chat view

  • Ipad chat view

  • Thank you!