• For this branding assignment, students were assigned to create a restaurant brand inspired by a real person. Threfore,they needed to first interview someone they know; and choose three key words that can describe the person. The three key words then serve as the base for the restaurant’s concept.

    For the interview, the designer choose Sining Chen, one of the first friends that the designer made when she first came to MICA. After the first semester, she transferred back to her hometown because of homesickness. Therefore, I believe that she has a strong attachment to her hometown, and the food that she grew up with in Chongqing.

    After the Conversation it was clear that the three key words that best describe Ms. Chen are warm, casual, and passionate.

    Throughout the interview, it was clear that the choice was between hotpot and noodle, which are two of Ms. Chen’s favorite food back in her hometown. Since she also mentioned that sometimes she would like to having her meals alone, and people do no really have hotpot alone, the final decision was to create an Asian noodle restaurant. 
    The researches was based on style of the Chongqing, which is a city that combines both traditional and modern styles. 

  • Different from other kinds of food, the noodle is hard to deliver because of the broth and the ingredients. Therefore, the best solution is to have uncooked noodle and sauce together like a pack of instant noodle. People can then easily cook it by themselves at home within a short amount of time. The box below is a designed package for transporting uncooked Southbank noodles and their sauce. The overall design is a continuous pattern of the brand logo.