Baltimore Museum of Industry Print and Web Newsletter

  • The Baltimore Museum of Industry is a connection factory . . .

    "Only when you suit up to shuck oysters, develop your own video game, or watch a blacksmith forge iron does your connection reveal itself. It could be the moment you realize how important your grandfather’s factory job really was in building this great city. It could be the “That’s what I wanna do when I grow up” moment. We do not know what your connection to Baltimore’s story is, but we do know one thing. This is where you will find it."

  • The BMA is a youth friendly museum that focuses on informing younger generations of their grandparent's history. This newsletter concept aims to make Baltimore's industrial history accessible to all by bridging this generational divide, bringing Baltimore Museum of Industry updates to both mailboxes and laptops.

  • The printed newsletter draws its format, pacing, and paper quality from traditional newspapers while adding updated grid structures, colors, and typefaces. It would be mailed out to museum members on a monthly basis to provide information about the monthly programs and events, relevant history, and the current exhibitions.