Texture + Manifesto Book

    Signature Spread and Collaboration

  • I had a chance to explore texture, rhythm, and color with various methods such as scanning, painting and collaging. I created a 24 page signature spread that would encompass my personal design manifesto, in which I strove to capture individuality, emotion and my own personal voice. I was under the guidance of Bon Hae Koo and asked to create a 24 page personal signature book that would be part of a larger 200 page collaboration.  As a 12 person group, we collaborated and designed a collection of personal manifestos that could be viewed separately or together. It was encouraged to explore unorthodox and experimental methods that would fit our own personal writing style.

  • created compositions 

  • created textures 

    I spent time creating various textures and compositions of rhythm, all with different voices and tempos. I created these elements without the use of the computer and dedicated time to scanning, painting, collaging and finding all of my materials. I tried to keep an open mind throughout the entire process and not control the elements too much. 

  • As a team, we reviewed each other’s studies on texture and composition and collaborated to combine our individual studies into a book. We decided to dive further into our own personal design manifestos, and collaborated on decisions such as typefaces, paper, individual color assignments, and a to-do list/deadlines for that coming week. 

    I chose to work with the colors yellow and black for my 24 signature pages. I essentially was creating my own personal mini-book that would be grouped together as part of a singular unit at the end. I combined my created textures and compositions to capture my own personal voice within my design manifesto.  The tempo of the book needed to start off quiet and slow, and then by the end be loud, messy and audacious!

  • final spreads
  • sample of final book

  • sample of digital copy

  • final collaborative book of our personal manifestos