Arrowmont Application ~ Danielle Burke

  • was as though a young person died for no reason
    Various Sizes 
    found (preserved) leaves, thread, cloth, glass, light
  • Impractical yet necessary mending of holes
    These works were not only an investigation into materials but also into a personal process of healing and meditation. The Mapping Memory class very much remineded me of how I approached this project. Not only due to the combination of materials but as well as the effort to stitch a narritive, a sense of time.
  • running//reading
    13" x 18" x 1/2"
    cotton canvas, cotton thread, rose, pigment transfer, found pages
  • This stitched journal, based off the work of Sandra Brownlee, was a month long study into intuition. Using solely the running stitch and an occasional interaction of the thread with found text, I worked to look at not only the negative space between stitches, but also habit. Due to habit and intuition, where would my hand freely place each suceeding stitch?  Again, it reminded me of Mapping Memory due to mixing of materials and implication of time.     
    Note: Shown are only three pages and the cover of a six page book
  • Painting
    4' x 2'6"
    (machine, hand & found) knitting, found window frame, cotton thread
  • I am often quite afraid to use color of any sort unless I have the excuse of it being in a found object. So although this involves nothing having been dyed/colored by me, I found the use of color essential to enhance the interaction of texture and tension between these knit pieces. I would love to engage more with color but also want to be environmentally mindful at the same time. Thus, the Bio Dye Verse - The Plant Dyer's Palette seems to be a wonderful entrance into the world of color.