Asterix, inter galactic exchange

  • Asterix, inter galactic exchange
    Asterix is a make believe Astro–Physical festival for an inter galactic exchange. This project was done as a part of my 3D/4D course at MICA. It includes a series of three posters, a ticket for the fest and an animation for the promotion of the festival. The brand language uses rustic, old style machines infused with astronomically inspired elements and highlighting colours on top of dark, mystic, curious textures. I imagined a future where we're still grounded, and are going back to basics, no matter how technologically advanced, or "galactic" we have become in our lives. Hence the imagery of old-ish machines and metallic textures-but with a touch of slightly extra terrestrial elements and colours. 

  • A series of three posters.
  • Manufacture in Mars.
  • Lunar Life.
  • Support Saturn.
  • A short animation.
  • Ticket for the festival.