• #FakeSchool
    #FakeSchool is an imaginary Art School based in a dystopian era where the pursuit of Fakery is commended, confusion and hatred are propagated, and the society operates at the mercy of Fake News! #FakeSchool works on this ideology of keeping up with this heated system, trains the next generation of fake news proprietors, and is now accepting applications. For building an identity system for the school, I developed a reverse stress display typeface that impregnates a sharp, aggressive, and powerful feeling to the branding. 
  • Logo Animation
  • While building Fake School, to give myself a story to build up on, I was highly inspired from Orwell's 1984 where he develops a new language, and visualises how the dystopian society would have started in actuality. Given the pace of troll farming and click—baits, the propagation of false news has indeed become a big problem. Using hyperbole and exaggerating the current situation, I built up a story of a Fake society where this fakery is actually applauded. I imagined a school on the lines of troll farms, where news building happens either for the government (like in India), or to influence decision building (like in the US). The branding had to be on your face, assertive, authoritative—which felt the need of a custom typeface. The colours used are yet again no-nonsense assertive and elevate the message. The typeface has further been used for image building to exaggerate its inherent tonal power.  ​​​​​​​
  • Mission and vision of the brand.
  • Promotional poster.
  • Books for coursework!
  • School Merch!
  • Custom Typeface for branding.