Arrowmont portfolio

  • Farmers market map for the Bristol Bay Salmon Company, a small business salmon company that sustainably catches salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska to sell to the people of the San Diego area.
    The logo emulates the shape of a salmon, the graphic element in the right corner being an abstracted tail. The colors were selected from the icy landscape of Alaska's waters.
  • Shrink wrapped salmon filets, red netting, die cut paper tags.
    Packaging for salmon filets. Red netting is inspired by the nets used in their fishing practice.
  • Proposed design for the electric van that BBSC would sell product out of at farmers markets. Incorporates elements from the website and other collateral.
  • Website for the company including information like history, products and ordering, contact information and market information. Uses a combination of old photographs and contemporary design to represent the uncommercial and traditional methods of fishing with the relevancy of sustainability.
  • "Warm Forest" 2012
    Graphite, gesso, watercolor
    This drawing was part of a series titled "Home" in a time I was reflecting on the symbolic presence of the landscape in my nostalgia and homesickness. The drawings dealt with how I took comfort in this romanticized idea of Oregon.
  • "Home"
    Graphite, gesso, watercolor
    An earlier iteration with color. The long format of the drawings is influenced by the scrolls of landscape painting in Chinese culture, which I grew up with hanging in my house. In that way the drawings also represent a melding of my secondhand Taiwanese culture and early life in Oregon.
  • Documentation of an exhibit of the "Home" at the CCBC group show "Drawing School"
  • Promotional poster for the Portland, OR based band Zoogirl
  • Small animation using doodles from a very tired day.
  • "Pasta Party" illustration
    just for fun, just for pasta
  • Inspired by yawning doodles I made one very tired day.