Napoleon, JFK & Conclusion [Selected Failures]

  • A collection of failures from the series lifespan.
    Series Total - Twelve Versions : Two Hundred Eighty Five Iterations
    These works are from “Ballerina Twinkies (Singles)”.  They are similar in nature to the JFK Series (Selected Failures) posting in that they are all works that are inconsistent within a series evolution. Remember that a series consists of tens, sometimes hundereds of iterations issued as single prints collected as a series.
    This collection contains examples that were completely misguided within the series but are interesting as standalones. Visit the links below for details about the image evolution.
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  • Version One : Iteration Thirteen
    "Over Brushed"
  • Version Four : Iteration Seven
    "Bandit Mask Kennedy"
  • Version Four : Iteration Twelve
    "Blanks, Cubism and Stella"
  • Version Four : Iteration Twenty Five
    "Microbes and Stella"
  • Version Four : Iteration Fifty
    " Red Hair Band Kennedy"
  • Version Five : Iteration Six
  • Version Five : Iteration Three
    "White and Tan"
  • Version Five : Iteration Six
    "Red Block"
  • Version Six : Iteration Six
    "Green Light, Fragile and Joan-Mitchell"
  • Version Six : Iteration Twelve
    "Stipes and Late deKooning"
  • Version Six : Iteration Fourteen
    "Late deKooning and Joan Mitchell"