• A Gathering of the Tribes is a culture and art sharing space based on the store Chikalicious. We are expecting various people, brands and media with disparate interests and pluralistic perspectives to join us. By gathering together, we are able to become sharers and creators of more enjoyable cultural programs and offer a cultural interaction space for our respective audiences. As a result, we will devote ourselves to delivering diverse values in a wider range and share more creative and inspirational moments beyond the real catering services.​​​​​​​


    The red triangle represents fire. As a crucial section of human civilization, the discovery and use of fire truly distinguish humans from animals. Apart from providing a method for cooking food, a tool of lighting and a source of warmth, humans also used fire to construct the original communication place, where our ancestors sat around the campfire to exchange and share their ideas in this specific space, and thus directly stimulating the formation and development of the human society. Therefore, the fire has become the most appropriate emblem of A Gathering of the Tribes, which is a cultural interaction space.​​​​​​​

    Our choice of sans serif typeface is to convey simplicity and modernity. The combination of specific letterforms also indicates the underlying concept of gathering​​​​​​​.

  • Alternate version of the logo mark (for small and narrow space only) and color palette.


    The label is placed in the upper right corner to form a folding effect. We hope to provide a relaxed and pleasant interactive space for those people who love delicacies, art, and culture.

    Fold a page in busyness to mark beauty and comfort of life.

  • Notebooks, Tote Bags, and Pencils.

  • Demos Zhu, Left, Founder of Chikalicious and A Gathering of the Tribes.
    Julia Long, Right, Exhibiting Artist.

  • Animated Logo Mark

  • Special Thanks to: Chen Xing and Xiang Li of Stones Design Lab. in Beijing.