"Blue" Contemporary Traditional photography

  • "Blue" earth day, 2019
    is a "Contemporary traditional" photography art series:
    A series of Sun prints from original paintings by Asian American artist Anita Yan Wong
    Sun prints (AKA blue photograph) is photography without the use of camera
  • " The Blue Soul and the Blue bird", Sun print 2019
  • Contemporary Traditional Arts
    I create 21st century "Contemporary Traditional" Arts – traditional arts with a modern twist. My goal as an  art educator is to bring awareness and inspire more students to appreciate and practice Traditional art. My ultimate goal as an artist is to move the art form (Lingnan Guo hua) forward and reach a young generation of viewers with modern taste and creative mind, while keeping the art form alive and livelier than ever.

    SUN PRINTING (wiki) :
    Cyanotype, also referred to as "blueprinting", is the oldest non-silver photographic printing process.[1] It involves exposing materials which have been treated with a solution of potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate to a UV light source such as the sun. Negative or positive images can be obtained by blocking UV light from reaching the sensitized material. For example, a negative image can be produced by placing a leaf upon paper treated with this solution and exposing to sunlight for 10 to 20 minutes. The paper will retain the image of the leaf after it has been rinsed with water. Once the paper dries, parts that were exposed to the sun will turn a shade of Prussian blue (ferric ferrocyanide), while parts that were covered by the leaf will remain white.

    The title – "Blue" reflects the blues the artist faces as less and less people appreciates and practice traditional painting nor treasure our home –"nature" in the digital age. 
    The project is an "act"/ performance of the artist making photo negatives of her traditional paintings (darkness) and bringing Sun light into the art form (hope) resulting the creation of "Contemporary Traditional" arts (creation). 
    The interesting process of color changes (from blue – white – black and white – blue) and changes of art forms (from original Chinese paintings to negatives to photographs) are captured during the act. The project is a reflection/portrait of the Asian American artist, whom is influenced by both traditional Chinese painting and Western arts and photography. ​​​​​​​
  • The "BLUE" Artist, self portrait of the artist, 2019
  • "BLUE Cats", photo negative (left) and sun print (right)
  • "Blue Cat", Sun print 2019
  • "BLUE" birds, sun prints, 2019
  • "Blue bird", Sun print 2019
  • Sun print (1st hour after development), it changes to blue a day after its development
  • Negatives is being placed on grass, resulting/ adding abstract "lines" on the prints
  • Negative on grass, resulting abstract lines on the print
  • little white flowers are placed in between the negative and positive, perhaps a memorial of the past and a celebration of a bright new future and creativity.
  • 1 hour after development
  • close up of "Blue bird"
  • The negatives are beautiful in their own ways
  • Thank you for visiting this gallery, wishing you a lovely Spring season 2019!