Rupt: Museum of Disaster

  • Rupt: Museum of Disaster
    An identity system designed for an imaginary museum about natural disasters.

    Rupt is a science and geological museum that serves to educate and excite visitors about the wonder of natural disasters. Subjects include volcanoes, earthquakes, tectonic plates, hurricanes, and more. The visual identity for the museum is inspired from visuals relating to hazards, disasters, geology, topography, and thermal imaging. Materiality and texture play a big role as well. The opening exhibition for Rupt is called “Hot Spots” and explores the history of and science behind volcanoes.

    Deliverables include brand identity, poster, digital advertisements, and pamphlet.
    Completed in Fall 2018.
  • Concept + Audience
  • Logo
  • The full logo system is flexible—inspired by volcanic ash & other disastrous elements.
  • Exhibition posters for Rupt's first fictional exhibition titled "Hot Spots", which explores volcanos. The gradient color palette is inspired by heat maps, and the overall design incorporates other geology inspired elements. 
  • Instagram Ads
  • Mobile Ad
  • Brochure (1)
  • Brochure (2)
  • Brochure (3)
  • Brochure (4)
    The concept behind the brochure is that it is an accordion fold that folds out into the exhibition poster on the other side, so that visitors have a fun take home as well.
  • Logo Animation Concept.