Believers of Better Beer

  • BELIEVERS OF BETTER BEER is an educational subscription plan with each month dedicated to a new brewing style. Everyone loves a cold cup of beer on a hot summer day. But how many of them really know beer? There is a rich and complex history behind this beverage, and Cicerones, or “beer experts” call for a need to educate the public. Learning about beer shouldn’t be difficult, we’re here to prove it. Believers in Better Beer is the perfect introduction to the world of beer.
  • LOGO
    The brand’s visual concept embraces the fun and approachable personality of beer, therefore I thought a hand lettered logo would best depict this concept.
    The collaged-like look with images relating to the specific brew of each beer to style the logo and packaging contrasts nicely with the hand lettered logo, allowing a flexible design with endless possibilities. 

    To complete the collaged aesthetics, having a wide library of image assets such as the ones shown above was crucial. The halftone patterns along with duotone color treatment brings the various images into a uniform brand identity.
  • Packaging
  • ZINE
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