• “Photography and the ability to read and write continue to make the Civil War a family affair to Americans. Just two decades old, professional photography blossomed during the War helping to document every aspect of the conflict.” 

    Soldiers from both sides sent images from battlefields back home to their families and their descendants. The Civil War era was a particularly important moment in the history of photography. Ever since then, the photograph began to dominate America visual culture.

    Nowadays, photographs become a main stream of how people get their first idea of history. However, does photograph tell the truth?

    Due to technical limitations and political factors, photographers were unable to capture the entire battle scenes and were unable to obtain the images they want. In a battlefield, there might be only a small part that can be documented. Therefore, people’s understanding of the history would be limited by it, and would not focus on the factors that have not been filmed. The photo book not only focus on photography but will also be divided into different sections, each demonstrates a part of the history that people nowadays can see throughout the photographs; and the reasons for not recognizing the fully history.