John's Hopkins NICU Logo Project

  • This was a logo design project that was commissioned by John's Hopkins Bayview Hospital for their NICU's New Volunteer Huger Program, Below is the progress of initial sketch up to the final agreed design.
  • The image above contains the first sketches for the design, I was asked to come up with various animals that would be adorable but also unique.  They were unsure of what kind of style they wanted so I recommended going for a more simplistic approach. I was given artistic freedom to choose what the animals were doing, so I added them holding swaddled infants. They were excited with the presented designs and found it very hard to choose between the options I presented them.
  • The two designs they liked the most were Fox and the Bear, the edits they requested were to make sure that the animals eyes were open, additionally they wanted to see what it would look like if I changed the brown bear to a panda bear.
  • The most favored design was the panda bear, but they were unsure of what color's they wanted to use and text placement. I presented them with the above options to show a few examples of what would best compliment the design along color options. A dark purple was chosen along with the broken up, top word and bottom word layout. 
  • The final agreed design had one last change. The purple they first chose was feared to be too dark with design, various alternative shades of purple were considered. I gave a few suggestions for the best color option and they decided on a pastel purple for the swaddled infant while keeping the same color for the text that was in the previous image.