Remote vs. Non-Remote: a visual narrative

  • Statement

    How does time usage differ between remote and non-remote workers? Based on Nathan Yau’s article “Remote Workers vs. Non-Remote Workers,” this project visually represents how much time these two types of workers spend on travel, personal care, dining and working.

    Production Process

    I started the project with a thorough research of the topic about the difference in time usage between remote and non-remote workers. The creative process of this motion project involves three stages. To begin with, I worked with pencil and paper to create storyboard to convey the complex information clearly. In the second phase, I used Adobe Illustrator to create vector illustrations which also work as style frames in order to give myself an idea of what the visual language will be like. In the final stage, I worked in Adobe After Effects to bring the static illustrations to life.


    3x3 International Illustration Show No.16 Student Show, Merit​​​​​​​