Eat Yourself™ Exhibition

  • Eat Yourself™ Exhibition
  • What is Eat Yourself?
    Eat Yourself™ is a game for smartphones and tablets about a flying pig who eats himself in the pursuit of happiness.
    Who made it?
    Eat Yourself™ was designed, illustrated, and coded by Jason Mathews Gottlieb for his Graphic Design MFA Thesis at MICA. 

    What’s the story?
    Pinky the Pig discovered the Universal Truth: Eating Food Is Murder! The Solution? He must avoid eating food, and eat himself instead! Only then can he transcend this pig-eat-pig world and turn into a magical star! 
    What’s the goal?
    The goal is to guide Pinky the Pig through an onslaught of friendly food, and destroy Eat Inc.’s army of sinister snack-dispensing airships! Will you overcome gluttonous evil? Or will you give in to temptation and devour your cute foodie friends?
    But, WHY?!
    It all started with the question:
    How could one sell Self-Cannibalism? 

    How do you sell something so abhorrent? 
    With lots of hard work, and some intelligent design, even the most unappealing thing can become delectable!