• The GoGo Series
    This series of robots are crucial in the larger narrative of my thesis, communicating the requirements and needs of 3 distinctive eras in my world. 

    The GoGo Fighter (center)'s design was mostly conceived before hand, but needed improvement and adjustment. The other two needed to be designed. So I took the opportunity to flesh their designs out so that they can act as references and assets for other graphics, designs, and illustrations. 

    The colored variations serve as promotional/announcement material for a "public" introduction of the robots. ​​​​​​​

    This project  is a part of a much larger project. To see the full project, please visit
  • The line work variations serve as infographic "data" about the robot. 
  • Some Designs and Images created for thesis using the created characters as assets and reference.
  • Because my original aim in designing them was to be like schematics, I ended up posing them in very robotic and awkward ways. I gave their arms a bit more movement and personality. The third one's pose remains because he is already in character.