Korean Typeface Lab.

  • Korean Typeface Lab.
    Branding  |  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign  2019  |

    Korean Typeface Lab (KTL) is a hypothetical educational organization in Seoul, Korea and New York, USA. KTL hosts exhibitions, workshops and events to encourage people to learn and design Hangeul (Korean alphabet) typeface.

    The number of Korean typeface designs is limited compared to other languages, as designing Korean typeface is relatively harder because of the Hangeul’s complicated modular system. The size and form of letterforms constantly changes in the process of combining letters. For this reason, KTL provides educational services so that the audience can learn about anything from the creation of Hangeul to its contemporary typeface design through inspiring and informative exhibitions.

  • The logomarks were inspired by the grid that Jeong-ho Choi (1916-1988) – the most famous of South Korea’s first generation of type designers – used when he designed Korean typeface. I created four different logomarks and two logotypes in Korean and English. Those logos can be used together in any combination or alone. This variable logo allows it to fit into any photo, artwork or letter.