Red with Green comic book project

  • 《紅配綠》 藉由古希臘喜劇作家阿里斯托芬於柏拉圖《會飲篇》中所提出的觀點開始,以漫畫的形式講述關於愛、自由與平等的故事。

    Red with Green is a story about love, freedom, and equality in a comic format. Starting from the perspective raised by Aristophanes in Plato's The Symposium, the story goes through a journey of a person searching for love and belongingness.

  • page layout

  • line work

  • process

  • print

  • 給相信愛最純粹本質是沒有分別的你
    For people who believe there's no difference in love of all kind

    Co-published by A ee mi & wildflowerbookstore 
    1st Edition / 500 copies limited 
    Made in 2018, printed in 2019