• Souvenir is a product that allows easy daily logging through the use of image and data suggestions, especially useful when days are missed. It encourages you to keep track of your days through an approachable and aesthetic interface. This also allows all your memories and thoughts to be in one place and not scattered across platforms.
  • With the constant documentation of our lives through various platforms and camera rolls, we neglect the old fashioned diary keeping because it is an extra hassle to remember and take extra time to do. As a result, people rely on looking at their camera roll and ‘video stories’ to remind them of a certain day. The memories of the days are limited to what we decide to capture and lacks our thoughts and feelings from that day.
  • Through intuitive interface and data suggestions, people would be able to easily add images and write about their adventures. Souvenir is created for everyone; whether you want to write up a story or keep it a one-liner. To encourage young adults to keep a journal, the app is able to autofill an image and title for everyday that they missed. Then you're able to easily go back to edit image, title or add more details! After all the entries, you're able to easily search for your memories without endless scrolling and favorite those you don't want to forget. 
  • After various visual explorations and conceptual thinking, I arrived at the idea of how we remember our memories. When you think back on a particular day, you don’t remember them as linear events as we’d write in our diaries; instead, they’re more like pieced up moments that happened in that day. Through that, I explored the visual element of ripped up paper being pieced up to become that day. 
  • Bringing the brand and balancing the visuals with the information, I created a marketing website that is clean and simple incorporating the ripped paper visuals lightly within the composition. I wanted it to inspire and inform potential users about Souvenir.
  • Thank You!​​​​​​​