"Nothingness" Screen Print

  • "Nothingness" Screen Print
    This 18"x24" screen print was designed with two overlapping colors and negative space forming Leonard Koren's quote "Nothingness, itself, is alive with possibility," from Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers. Through the interplay of positive and negative space, color and transparency, density and emptiness, I hope to convey the sense of possibility in nothingness.
  • This poster was digitally designed in two color layers. The butterfly images came from a 19th century nature study and halftoned in order to screen print. Despite the meticulousness of the digital design, the poster takes on a new life when printed by hand. The layers are closely registered, but not exact. The two colors—and a third produced through their overlap—are products of hand mixing, pressure, moisture, and a moment in time. The work, therefore, is perfectly evocative of wabi-sabi.