Branchburg World Fair Identity System

  • Branchburg World Fair - Flexible Identity System
    Branding, Mural design, Logo Design, Proposal Book, Mascot Design, Tickets, Motion Graphics, and Web design
    Branchburg 2023 is a flexible identity system for a World Fair in my small hometown of Branchburg, New Jersey. My hometown is very traditional in aesthetic as well as mindset. Being a small town we are close knit resulting in a strong sense of community. The fair will introduce Branchburg to urban design and total design of a space; enhancing the environment to be more creative and triggering forward thinking. 

    Excite Disrupt Expand
    Tag line
    The Branchburg World fair aims to excite, disrupt and expand the community in a good way. Bringing excitement to everyday life, to create a disruption in the rigorous schedules, and not only expand the already active community but expand their sense of community to the world.

    Adobe Indesign
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    Adobe After Effects
  • Process 
    Before creating any type of design for this system research was completed on Branchburg and its history. 

    Creating Structure through Collage
    To gain a sense of direction and structure to the Identity system I did an exercise where  I manually created 6 timed (3 minutes) collages using magazines. This exercise helped to expand beyond the rules of design and be a bit more free resulting in more experimental compositions that I otherwise may not have explored. Then I chose the collage that was the most interesting and created my system. I chose this collage as the large black shape deemed potential to provide a strong grid system. The collage structure played a huge part in my mural design and style guide pictured
  • Collage & Mural Design
  • Style Guide

  • Poster Series
    Posters created to promote the fair, events that will occur and guest speakers.

  • Proposal Book
    Publication with proposing the idea of the fair and mission statement.

  • Ticket Design
    Attendees will choose either printed or digital tickets.  The digital tickets are motion gifs and have a QR code which would be the ticket security.
  • Mascot
    "Burg" the Llama is the mascot of the world fair.

  • ​​​​​​​

  • Promotional Items