Redesign of Form I-20

  • Redesign of Form I-20
    (Certificate of Eligibility for
    Nonimmigrant Student Status)
  • As an international student, the I-20 form is very important to me. It is a form to show the eligibility for nonimmigrant student status. The original I-20 form is three letter size paper stapled together, so it is easy to be broken and hard to carry safely.

    I want to redesign the I-20 form in a way that considers both functionality and visual satisfaction. I think the form should be friendly for carrying and reading.

    Staples are fragile, so I decided to design a single-page form. This design also makes the form eco-friendly by using less paper. I decided to make the form can be folded into a dollar's size, so it is easy to be carried in the wallet and also easy to be put into a passport which is always needed with I-20 form at the same time.

    I selected DIN® Next font to create a clean, structured, technical, and efficiency feeling for reading. Everything is carefully designed.