Born Under an O.k. Star | Adobe Awards 2019

  • promotional poster for short film
  • Born Under an O.k. Star
    a short animated film, by jayde xu. 2018–2019.
    Someday, I’m going to be really nostalgic for this moment right now. This work is a response to how memory is the sum of small parts, not just one “big” moment. It’s the way dust looks filtering through light out of my apartment window. It’s the shape of cobblestones through shoes as you’re running to work. I am trying to catch my mundane, because someday it’ll be the thing I’ll forget first, and miss the most. And the longer I really, really look at everyday moments and items, the more beautiful they become. This work is like my diary: my way of trying to pause, for one minute, and remind myself: remember.

    This work is a mix of traditional and digital media. It has both real-media, acrylic paintings with digital motion animation, and purely digital painted animations as well. I created this work by animating in Photoshop, approaching it the way I learned how to make GIFs, and then editing in Premiere Pro.