• All of Us: Social Impact Branding Project

    All of Us is a conceptual (but soon to be realized) branding project for an experimental multi-disciplinary studio founded by myself. All of Us strives to represent people of color in media and pop culture, and caters to open minded PoC who consume diverse and representative work. Bold type pairs with various PoC’s handwriting setting the tone for a diverse brand, while a primary color palette alludes to mixing, which creates diverse tones.
  • The branding process consisted of 4 weeks of revisions, including identifying naming conventions, outsourcing hand lettering from PoC friends, writing a brand manifesto, and creating merch mockups and web designs. 
  • Aside from the 'GT America' logotype, using open source typefaces was essential to the brand vision of creating accessible and diverse works for PoC. 
  • Typesetting the logo in GT America alludes to “traditional” American values–– that all people are created equal, and are entitled to rights, liberties, and freedoms. What sets All of Us apart from the US is we truly uphold those values.
  • Parameters of the project included creating a cohesive brand identity for a creative studio. I wanted to incorporate all of my interests into one company–– fashion, music, cinema, design, and social impact–– hence the birthing of All of Us.

    Including mobile + desktop mockups was an additional constraint.