Traditional art inspired by air and water pollution

  • NEW Lingnan Style Contemporary Traditional Paintings inspired by Air and Water pollutions.
    Titles: "LEAP", "Parrot in the polluted sky" 
    by Asian American Artist Anita Yan Wong
    Contemporary Traditional art inspired by current events
    (ink and minerals on rice paper, 2019)

    Our Oceans and Skies are polluted, the rivers are filled with neon chemicals. Fish are leaping out of these polluted waters. Let's be inspired by these paintings and take actions today!
    #lingnanschoolofpainting #contemporarytraditional #asianamericanart #chaoshaoang #asianart #contemporarychineseart inspired by the making changes in ocean pollution #waveforchange #worldoceansday #savetheocean  ​​​​​​​
  • Parrot in the polluted sky, rice paper painting 2019
  • "Leap", lingnan style chinese painting leaping out of polluted ocean, 2019
  • Thank you for your supports! Let's take actions today to save our oceans and rivers!