Minaxi - Zidd

  • “Zidd” is the first studio EP by the Brooklyn-based alternative rock band Minaxi. It was released on July 12, 2019 on Spotify and Apple Music. The sound on the EP is a representation of Minaxi’s diverse influences. It features 4 songs (3 in English, 1 in Hindi) and has a playback time of 18 min. A video for “Saturnine”, one of the songs on the EP, was also released on July 12, 2019 on Minaxi’s official YouTube channel. The album art is densely layered with colour and photographic elements.
  • Produced by Patrick Hunt and Shrenik Ganatra 
    All Songs by Shrenik Ganatra 

    Drums: Andrew Coral 
    Bass: Liam Christian 
    Guitars, Vocals and Additional Instrumentation: Shrenik Ganatra 

    Recorded and Engineered by Patrick Hunt 
    Assistant Engineers: Camilla Gomide and Jenn Allen 
    Mixed by Shrenik Ganatra

  • Minaxi is a feminine name of Indian origin meaning "fish-eyed". It is derived from the Sanskrit terms mina ("fish") and akshi ("eyes"). A majority of design decisions mimic the idea upon which Minaxi's music is written. The Devanagari version of the identity, designed by my friend, frequent collaborator and former Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) classmate Ninad Kale, exists because the lyrics are in English and Hindi.
  • The symbolism for the band’s logo references astrology (I’m a triple water sign), Chinese philosophy and Eastern spirituality (the yin/ yang or the thought that seemingly opposite forces are actually one). The primary colours are gold, black, white and grey.
  • Minaxi’s show posters double as typeface specimens. The above posters contain two of my typefaces–Minaxi Condensed and Chamberlin Ultra Condensed.
  • Minaxi at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn in December 2018. Photo by Kavya Singh
  • Minaxi - Saturnine
    Actors: Reese Siedlecki, Shrenik Ganatra
    Directed by: Shrenik Ganatra
    Filmed in Los Angeles and Mumbai by Shrenik Ganatra and Harshana Ganatra
  • Contact:
    instagram: @shrenik18