Minaxi - Saturnine (Official Music Video)

  • The official music video for the song "Saturnine" by the alternative rock band "Minaxi" from their debut studio EP "Zidd", released on July 12, 2019 and now streaming on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and Apple Music.

    The plot of the video revolves around the idea of memories tied to souvenir(s) and what remains once the memento is discarded.

    Genres: Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock and Shoegazing​​​​​​​

  • Commentary:
    "The video was shot using the Yi 4K+ action camera. I wanted to achieve a dream-like sequence of visuals where faces appear larger than life and fill up the frame. The features on the camera were appropriate to achieve the desired result. Additionally, the 4:3 aspect ratio perfectly crops the faces in the frame".

  • Credits:
    Actors: Reese Siedlecki, Shrenik Ganatra
    Directed and Edited by: Shrenik Ganatra
    Filmed in Los Angeles and Mumbai by: Shrenik Ganatra and Harshana Ganatra
    © 2019 Shrenik Ganatra/Minaxi. All Rights Reserved.
  • Listen to the EP and follow Minaxi on Spotify
  • Listen to the EP and follow Minaxi on Soundcloud